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White Technics Pty Ltd is an electrical engineering consultancy with a wealth of knowledge in electrical engineering and legislation.

White Technics specialises in providing solutions for new and unique problems brought about by changes in technology and legislation. Our services will help your company on a continuous improvement path by compliance auditing and the implementation, and management of an electrical engineering control plan. 

We offer a wide range of expertise in electrical engineering design - from the high voltage at the gate, to the reliability of safety devices in the plant.

Our Team

White Technics brings a refreshing, flexible and practical approach to your electrical engineering needs. We have the resources to accommodate large projects while retaining a personalised and customised service to help you to meet your obligations and achieve the best engineering outcomes.

Our engineering team have a range of expertise to provide all of your electrical engineering requirements.


An electrical engineering control plan will be a statutory requirement from December 2016 as per the NSW Mines Work Health and Safety Act. We have the solution to help you meet your statutory obligations. Our electrical engineering control plan will enable you to gain full control of electrical work and complement the mine site’s overall safety management.

Our electrical engineering control plan can be tailored to meet your needs and scaled to meet the size and complexity of your operation. It will put safety files, procedures and electrical compliance documentation at your fingertips.

Contact us for a free initial consultation to discuss how our electrical engineering control plan can be implemented on your mine site.

EECP Clients Online Files Management

All our valued electrical engineering control plan customers have access to our online management system. The online system will put up-to-date information, specific to your site, at your fingertips including all electrical installation and engineering documentation, compliance audits and electrical hazards status.

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